Essential Equipment for a Proper Golf Course Maintenance

The golf course must be kept in a perfect condition if you want to enjoy a smooth game and this implies having the right equipment within reach. The golf course maintenance must be performed all year round and it requires extra care so the turf will stay in the best shape. Check out the essential equipment you must rely on for a proper golf course maintenance.
Essential Equipment for a Proper Golf Course Maintenance Picture

A lawn mower

The main aspect that needs to be taken care of is the grass that covers the golf course, which must be kept in the best shape to ensure a smooth golf game. The grass requires constant maintenance that basically consists of mowing it with quality lawn mower. To see which is the best mower, we advise you to read someĀ riding lawnmower ratings. There are several units to choose from. We like the Toro Reelmaster 3100-D that leaves the grass looking great in a very short amount of time. According to the latestĀ riding lawnmower ratings, this mower uses a powerful engine and 11-blade cutting units that keep the grass cut at an even height, just perfect for a golf game.
Essential Equipment for a Proper Golf Course Maintenance Picture

A snow blower

The cold season also implies maintenance in order to preserve the golf course in a perfect shape and to prevent snow from damaging the grass and the soil. Large amounts of snow covering the course can result in a poor grass condition and many holes after the snow melts so you have to make sure you remove the snow before it creates to much damage. The Toro Power Max HD 928OHXE is of great help in removing large amounts of snow that cover a golf course. It’s a powerful unit with a 28-inch wide swath and a 21.5-inch cutting depth and can clear up to 1900 lbs of snow per minute.
Essential Equipment for a Proper Golf Course Maintenance Picture

A leaf blower

With all the trees and bushes on the golf course, chances are it will often be covered in leaves and gathering them with a rake is not something you want to be doing frequently. Therefore, the leaf blower should be a part of your golf course maintenance kit so you will manage to keep all the leaves away. Toro also offers a great leaf blower like the Pro Force 44538 Debris Blower that can help you get rid of all the debris from the golf course fast and easy.

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