How to Improve Your Golf Posture

The secret to a good shot in golf relies, besides the golf club or the ball, on the posture you maintain while playing. If you ask any professional player, they will tell you that a good posture can make a difference in your golf game and that you must pay extra attention to how you spread your legs, how you swing your club, or how you rotate your body. In case you don’t have a professional player you could ask, use our tips on improving your golf game posture.

Work out more

A good shape will help you be more flexible and to maintain a better posture while playing golf. Regular exercising will work your back muscles so you will keep your body in a straight position and will also increase your arms strength. Many types of workouts that imply stretching, bending, rotating, and using your arms can help you achieve a better body posture during a golf game.
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Keep your back and neck in a straight line

When you bend to reach the ball with your glove, try not to bend your neck too much so it will stay in a straight line with your back. This will keep your arms straight so you will be able to properly hit the ball. In case you need to bend a little more in order to have a better grip, flex your knees a little instead of arching your back and lowering your head.

Swing smoothly

When you swing your arms, let them flow naturally without contracting the muscles too much. Keep both hands on the golf club and try not to hit the ball too hard. If the club is not positioned right behind the ball, make a step forward or back to bring the club in place.
How to Improve Your Golf Posture Picture

Use a golf swing analyzer

The ultimate tip in achieving a good golf posture is to use a golf swing analyzer, a device that measures your swing, the club head distance, the angles of your hit, and more and sends all the data to a device you will be using. By receiving all this information regarding your golf posture, you will be able to adjust your position so you will find the best one that will guarantee perfect shots.

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