Hybrids Buying Tips

Hybrid golf clubs are a combination of long irons and fairway woods. They are a necessity for golf players due to the fact that their hollow head design provides help in shots from tough lies. In order to buy the perfect hybrids, there are certain things that you must be aware of. Therefore, if you want to make sure that the hybrids in which you are investing will help improve your golf game, read the following lines to get some useful hybrid buying tips.
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The importance of design

The specifications of hybrids are designed to provide distance and trajectory progression transition between fairway woods and long irons. These unusual golf clubs feature lower face profiles, lower centers of gravity, wider soles, and flight faces. Better said, they offer a balance between the design of the fairways woods and the long irons in order to help players achieve shots that would be impossible to hit with other golf clubs. When buying hybrids, take a good look at the design specifications in order to ensure that they are of a high quality, helping you hit when you’re in tough lies.

Understanding hybrid loft

Hybrids usually offer a loft of 18 to 27 degrees, replacing the long irons in your set. Also, certain hybrid sets of irons offer higher lofted models. They are ideal for replacing mid irons. What is important for you to understand is that hybrids of the same loft as long irons and fairway woods won’t produce the same distance. Due to the different size and construction of the heads, they will travel closer to the distance normally offered by a long iron, but the distance will be shorter nonetheless. Therefore, when buying a set of hybrids, don’t think that you will rely on them for all the shots because you will still need your fairway woods and long irons in certain situations.

Graphite shafts

When you go shopping for hybrids, it’s mandatory that you make sure the shafts are graphite. The majority of hybrids on the market feature graphite shafts because they add distance and reduce weight. Also, make sure that the shaft length of the hybrids is 2-3 inches shorter than the shaft length of a fairway wood with the same loft. This length is ideal because it will give you a better control over your shots.


Certain modern hybrids offer the possibility of making adjustments. While most hybrids only offer you the possibility to adjust the loft, others will allow adjustments to the face angle in order to offer a neutral, open, or closed look at address. It’s preferable that you invest in hybrids that can be adjusted because you will have the possibility to suit these golf clubs to your exact preferences in order to improve your golf game.

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