The Secret of what Makes the Perfect Golf Swing

Many golf players are having troubles achieving the perfect swing because it’s a more complicated matter that takes a lot of practice and concentration. Still, it’s not an impossible thing and it can be accomplished if you know which are the details that matter. With time, you can manage to get a perfect position and the right speed that will result in the perfect strike, and this can be possible if you discover the secret of the perfect swing.

In theory

A swing is composed of several parts, each with its importance and weight in the success of the strike. Not paying attention to one of them can lead to a faulty shot and a bad score and in order to avoid that situation, you must focus on accomplishing each step.

Stance and balance

Any swing starts with the body posture that must be balanced in order to lead to a good shot. The legs must be spread but not too much, your shoulders and knees must be in the same line, and the body should be slightly bent forward. Forget about focusing on hitting the ball, it’s balance what is the most important and that can lead to a good strike.


For a good takeaway, the clubhead must be moved straight along the target line and always facing the ball. This means that you have to synchronize your hands and shoulders and keep your arms in front of your chest. While moving the club, keep the knees flexed and the left knee pointing at the ball.


When the club arrives next to the ball, it’s called a downswing. The club’s end should be pointing at the ball and the shaft should be positioned between your forearms. This position is very important because if you miss it, the rest of your swing will be compromised.


This part is the actual contact with the ball and the club but it’s not the actual final part. However, it’s important to hit the ball firmly and with a correct body posture. The left shoulder, arm, and hip must form a straight line and the arms stretched towards the ball. Without moving your body and changing the position of the club, you must transfer your body weight from the right foot to the left.


The final part is this one that should close the swing by unwinding your body to the left of the target line. For this, your arms must remain extended and your back and knees straight. This is what ends a very good golf swing.

The greatest help

No one said it would be easy but luckily, you can enjoy the help of a very useful and trustworthy golf gadget called the swing analyzer. This small device was specially designed to help golfers analyze and correct their posture during a golf game so that they will avoid the most common mistakes made during a swing. The analyzer is a device that can be attached either to the glove or the club of the player and it measures the speed and rotation in order to determine what they are doing wrong. Both types are small and lightweight so that they will not interfere with the smoothness of a game and will not become an obstacle for the player.
By using a series of sensors, it can calculate the proper speed and provide indications towards the best shot. With its help, swinging a perfect swing seems easier than ever. There are various models to pick from and each one includes a series of features that can monitor parameters like clubhead speed, clubface angle, backswing, tempo, hip rotation, and more. This way, it can perform a complete analysis of the swing and it can determine the flaws of each hit, with the purpose of correcting the mistakes. The most high-end models provide a 3D swing analysis and even memorize a number of swings so that the player can compare several of them and keep records of their progress. You can use your smartphone to access the app of the analyzer and keep track of your best swings.

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