Tips for Lowering Your Handicap

The good thing about golf is that you can always improve the way you play it if you just pay more attention to details. Therefore, check out our handicap lowering tips and step up your game. Our useful tips will help you become a better golf player so you will enjoy every game.
Tips for Lowering Your Handicap Picture

Warm up

Before starting a golf game, take your time to warm up and accommodate your body to stretching, bending, and swinging. By heating your muscles and getting used to the golf movements, you will manage to perform better shots as you will achieve a better golf posture. Although golf is not a very active sport, you will have to be in a good shape so you will be able to perform your shots.


Every sport’s secret is practice because only with practice you will manage to lower your golf handicap and reach the holes in fewer shots. Don’t wait for the next game to come and get used to practicing as many times as you can so you will play better when the time comes. It’s best that you practice on your own so you won’t get distracted nor will you disturb others or delay their game.

Create a routine

If you would watch great professional players before each game, you would notice that each one has a personal routine that they follow every time. From adjusting their legs position to swing the club many times to bending their knees or taking a step backward, all these details are part of a pre-game routine that could help you reduce the risk of failure.

Buy good equipment

You could get better shots if you use good golf clubs, good balls, good gloves, and if you are wearing comfortable clothes, so you could definitely say that good golf equipment could help you lower your handicap. Buying the clubs that fit you and using the right balls can make a huge difference in achieving good shots as well as a comfy pair oh pants can help you spread the legs as much as you need to.

Use golf gadgets

With all the technology you can enjoy nowadays, it would be a shame not to use golf gadgets like a rangefinder or a golf swing analyzer that can help you send your balls right into the holes. Have a closer look at these devices and discover the many improvements they can bring into your game.

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