Which Are the Most Accurate Golf Rangefinders?

If you play golf, and you think that your game might need some improvements, then you must certainly purchase a golf rangefinder. Maybe you do not know what type to choose, as lots of models are available on the market these days. Therefore, for those who are wondering which are the most accurate golf rangefinders, this article will definitely be very useful.

Which Are the Most Accurate Golf Rangefinders Picture

Bushnell Tour V3

The first thing you must know about this wonderful device is that it is legal for tournament play. As you probably know, not all these devices are legal. Another great thing about Bushnell Tour V3 is that it features the Pinseeker mode, which enables the golfer to acquire the desired target with ease, without the need to take into account the background objects, such as trees. Bushnell Tour V3 is definitely a device that will provide you the desired information with high accuracy.

Which Are the Most Accurate Golf Rangefinders Picture

Nikon Coolshot 40i

Nikon Coolshot 40i is a lightweight device that can be carried with ease around the golf course. This quality laser rangefinder comes with high-quality integrated circuits, and a very sophisticated software which provides you accurate information, in the shortest time possible. This device features First Target Priority Technology, Golf Mode using ID Technology, an ergonomic design, multi-layer coating for clear and bright images, large ocular for viewing, Dioptre Adjustment Function, rainproof material, and a CR2 Lithium battery. A detailed presentation of this amazing gadget can be found in the GolfRangefinder.Best review as well, just in case you need more proof of the performance of this rangefinder. All in all, Nikon Coolshot 40i is a laser rangefinder that you will definitely find very useful, as it will help you improve the game.

Which Are the Most Accurate Golf Rangefinders Picture

Lofthouse ProScope 400x

If you do not know which are the most accurate golf rangefinders, then Lofthouse ProScope 400x is definitely one of them. The device comes equipped with Pin Seeking with Flag-Lock Technology, adjustable diopter, low battery indicator, waterproof material, 1-year warranty, microfiber lens cloth, automatic power-off, and 3-Volt CR2battery. Moreover, a carry case is included, and another great thing about Lofthouse ProScope 400x is that it is tournament legal, which is absolutely fantastic. This is budget-friendly laser rangefinder, which will do a fantastic job. It is definitely a wonderful companion on any golf course, and you will absolutely love it.

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